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5:59 PM

Becoming A Top Music Producer

Posted by Satrio Pratomo |

Music Production Software is properly in most studios the home of the studio, if it wasnt for Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic Pro or even Pro Tools many studios couldnt function. If your thinking of becoming a producer or starting a music production studio, the software is very important. Don't pick a software you feel is going to slow down your studio or is too much for your studio, pick what you feel is right and what you are comfortable with.

The most popular music production software out there right now is Fruity Loops, it is used by almost every new producer out there. It is very easily accessable and can be found floating about on the internet or bought from a local PC store. The reason fruity loops has done so well is because of the following reasons;

1: The Price - It's priced so reasonably it's affordable by anyone 2: Quality - What you get out of it is more than what you paid, the quality is amazing. You can add and change almost anything in fruity loops with Plugins. 3: User Ability - The software is so user friendly almost anybody can use it.

The mixture of those three things above make Fruity Loops so successful. So back to software, you should pick something that works well for you. Be comfortable within what ever software you use to produce music, it will show in your music production. You should pick something to suit your level and skills too, i wouldn't recommend a newbie producer to start with logic pro if they have never made a beat before. Do you research.

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