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How Do I Find My Singing Voice?

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No Expectations

Before you can find your singing voice you first have to stop having expectations about what you think you should sound like. You shouldn't think you will sound just like your favorite singer. And then you need to realize that that is a good thing. You should want to sing like yourself, not like anyone else.

Copying Others Is OK At First

It's OK to copy another singers style at first, but you don't want to rely on it too much. And it's very important not to just copy one style, you need to copy different styles so you don't get in a rut of trying to sound like anyone in particular. Eventually you want to stop copying, and start singing with your own voice. To do that well you will need quality singing lessons.

Singing Lessons

To truly find your own voice you will need to start practicing your singing. This doesn't mean just singing along with the radio. The problem with that activity is that the radio actually drowns out your voice! You need to be able to hear your own voice. It's a good idea to record yourself and play it back. You may be surprised by what you hear. And it will be a good way to document your progress.

You Will Improve With Quality Singing Methods

It is absolutely a myth that only some people can sing. Almost anyone can sing well if they put their mind to it and they learn using the proper singing techniques. The sad thing is that a lot of people get bad advice about how to sing and it actually causes more harm than good! It's important to use singing lessons that really work.

Get Quality Singing Methods. Singorama is highly recommended.

Ear Training can greatly improve your ability to sing in key.


dancilhoney said...

After 17 years of singing professionally. I feel like I've found my voice only in the last few weeks! top singing course is amazing technique added almost an octave to my range in one lesson.